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In water balance of the Sea of Azov, except river waters, annually takes part about 13,5 km3 ; evaporation makes about 34 km3; to Sivash comes about 1,4 km3 water which there substantially evaporates, and in the sea no more than 0,3 km follow from

Winds over the sea differ in average speed in comparison with winds on the land. Their average speed in cold half-year when norths, the greatest and 3 m/s. In Varna during the cold period northwest winds, in warm when circulation develops, - east prevail.

The Strait of Kerch 40 km long connects the Sea of Azov with Black. Width of the passage is various in different parts it: the Azov entrance between Hroni and Akhilleon — 8 nautical miles, between the Tuzlovsky braid and the cape — about 2 miles, between Kerch and east part of of the gulf — 22,5 miles, the Black Sea mouth of the passage between capes Takil and the Panagia, as well as the Azov mouth — about 8 miles.

On the Romanian coast norths more often though in warm half-year the number of days with northeast and southeast winds increases. In Constanta wind speed the greatest in cold half-year (on average 3,4 m/s) and the smallest in warm half-year (2,7 m/s).

The northwest coast is made by the steppe plain which is coming to an end by the sea with the low slope cut with small rivers and streams. There are three big low capes — a braid Obitochnaya, the Berdyansk braid and Belosaray-Skye a braid. In northeast part of the sea lies big Taganrog ­, extended in the direction of the mouth of Don. In the gulf there is small an — Sandy, the Turtle and Long (at of the same name the cape. The low loessial southeast coast with beaches and small gulfs proceeds to Beisug Liman behind which the low coast which grew with a reed prevail. Here lakes and bogs of the delta are located. At once behind the most Akhtanizovsky estuary of the delta the coast becomes higher, the hills dominating over it, the wood. Small Kerch ­ it is rather wide, long tongues of sand in places. in the passage is designated by milestones. Long and rather wide Gulf of Taman presses in east coast. On the west bank there is a gulf over which Mitridat's mountain, and the Kamyshburunsky bay with picturesque, overgrown coast towers.

Formation of water mass of the sea results from mixture of the Black Sea waters, through the Strait of Kerch, from a waters and rainfall. Sometimes salty waters of the Lake Sivash come to the sea.

Fall warm and long. Decrease of an average daily below 10 °C comes at the end of November that is when on the western coast it is already below 5 °C. Therefore also the first appear here very much pozdyono-only in the middle or at the end ­.