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For example: the natural and legal entities pursuing, as a rule, some common corporate goals participate in corporate transactions. At free purchase and sale of patents or licenses interests of the parties can coincide only partially as each of them has the advantages doing mutually advantageous sections of the market of the licensed production. In case of compulsory licensing only one of the parties is interested in the section of the market, i.e. interests of the parties are almost opposite and the speech can go rather about the conflict, than about the transaction.

The topology of an integrated chip represents the spatial and geometrical arrangement of set of elements and communications recorded on the material carrier between them. As the material carrier the crystal of an integrated chip acts. Legal protection of this type of intellectual property is especially important as practically any topology can be quickly and is rather the cheapest way copied by interested persons.

Industrial sample is the art and constructive solution of a product defining its appearance. As well as the invention, an industrial sample represents the non-material benefit, result of creative cerebration which can be embodied in concrete material objects. If the invention is a technical solution of a task, an industrial sample the solution of appearance of a product admits, is the solution of a task, the containing indication of concrete means and ways of realization of a creative plan of the designer.

Objects of intellectual property are considered as inventions if they represent the device, a way, substance, a strain of a microorganism, culture of cages of plants and animals and also use of the known device, a way, substance on new appointment. As to objects of the invention designs and products belong to devices. For example to devices as to objects of inventions, belong - machines, devices, mechanisms, tools, vehicles, constructions, the equipment, etc.

It is senseless to talk about the market value of objects of intellectual property if they do not possess the listed properties. Therefore an important point is obtaining the patent for the invention and industrial samples.

Except the listed types of trademarks other designation of goods and services, in particular sound, light, olfactory and other designations is allowed to registration also. Now similar trademarks are registered generally addressed to foreign users.